Turbo Cot

Turbo Cot

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The effort and stress of setting up your cot has been eliminated with the Arrival of the WolfTraders deluxe folding turbocot. Set up is a breeze. Simply extend the two ends and push down and you instantly have a bed to lay down on. Enjoy a little snooze while everyone else is still trying to get their cot together. Takedown is even easier.

Simply step on the leg latch and pull up. Your cot now fold into itself! buckle the straps from your saddle bags together and your cot will easily slide back into its bag for easy storage. There are no crossbars going across the frame, eliminating the bar jabbing into your bike while you toss and turn on a traditional cot.

So whether you’re looking for some comfort while in the outdoors or you need something quick and easy for family that comes over to stay, you’ll be glad you got a turbocot.

Color: Black